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Jeromy Peterson (CEO and President) has more than 20 years of industry experience. He has worked on countless water and wastewater SCADA projects for municipalities.


Jeromy has extensive experience managing and executing system-wide SCADA projects in the water and wastewater industries. He is an apt PLC programmer, electrician and control systems engineer. He has also worked as a wastewater and collections system operator and is licensed in all areas of water and wastewater operations. As a project manager, President and CEO, his primary roles are to oversee project schedule, address project liabilities, insure quality control, review submittals and assist with technical decisions. 

As one of Ripple Industries’ senior systems integrators, Cliff Hall has more than 15 years of industry experience and has worked on numerous large scale, system wide SCADA projects.


Cliff has substantial familiarity with Inductive Automation’s Ignition SCADA package. He is highly knowledgeable in programming many industry standard PLC platforms, including but not limited to all Allen Bradley PLCs, Schneider Electric PLCs and Automation Direct controllers. Additionally he has a background in network design, information system security, Visual Fox Pro development and IT administration and construction.

Josh Pearce is a project designer and programmer at Ripple Industries, with seven years of experience as a programmer and control panel engineer. 

Josh has experience with and is certified in the deployment of Ignition systems and has expertise as a PLC & HMI programmer for SCADA systems in the water and wastewater industries. He is amply familiar with standard industry hardware and software including Allen Bradley, Inductive Automation, Wonderware, Schneider Electric, Citect, Siemens, Automation Direct, iFix, and others. In addition to these skills, Josh has deep learning with network design, instrumentation installation, VFD configuration and system commissioning.

Robert Messick is a project administrator for Ripple Industries with more than 20 years of industry experience. 

As a project administrator, his primary role is to oversee customer relations, insure quality control, review submittals and to assist with schedule control, risk management, project budgeting and to  offer general administrative over-site. Robert has considerable experience in budgetary controls, project management, human resources management, and strategic planning.  He is also the primary AutoCAD technician and designer for the firm.

Ross Platt is a control systems integrator and programmer

for Ripple Industries. 

Ross has been involved with numerous projects for Ripple working on civil, electrical, and SCADA construction. He is certified in Inductive Automation's Ignition software. Ross has expertise in PLC programming, HMI programming, control panel design and fabrication, and SCADA equipment installation. Ross' experience extends to Allen-Bradley, Inductive Automation, Modicon, Schneider Electric, and others. He is also skilled in radio telemetry surveys, AutoCAD, VFD programming, and other areas of controls. 

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